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Ordering a Puppy

We keep an informal waiting list and we give priority to people whom we feel confident will offer our puppies a lovely home for life. The majority of puppy placements are decided around the age of 8 weeks. This gives us plenty of oppourtunity to get a feel for how the puppies personalities, temperament and conformation may develop as they grow up.


Generally we may start taking deposits from when the puppies are 4 weeks old and we know there is definitely a puppy available for you. This is a non-refundable deposit that is 50% of the sale price of the puppy, the remainder is to be paid when the puppy is collected or prior to shipping.


We have boxer puppies living throughout NZ from Whangarei to Invercargill as well as overseas. Many times it can be a long drive to collect your puppy, so flying is a great alternative. It is often less expensive than driving, is a much shorter trip for puppy, and you can have puppy arrive on a Friday in time for the weekend. When puppies are going to be flown we prepare them by getting them familiar with the travel crate. Puppies travel very well and arrive fresh ready for the first cuddle with their new mum and dad.

4/09/2013 - The price for shipping within the North Island is $170, and to the south island it is $220. This includes the flight, crate hire and crate return. These prices are liable to increases determined by Air NZ.


We have proud owners of Ronin boxers in several countries. New owners are responsible for the export costs which include the flight, agent fees and export papers. If you are considering importing a Ronin boxer we can provide quotes on this. We have a preferred pet transport agent who is experienced and takes a lot of care with the puppies.

4/09/2013 - Shipping to Australia (main centres) is approximately AUD$1000, this may vary slightly with destination. Shipping to North America (including USA, Hawaii, Canada) is approximately US$2,200. These prices are to provide a rough idea, due to changes in fuel prices and exchange rates this may vary.

Pet, Breeding or Showing?

Please state in your initial email to us if are considering breeding or showing. The majority of our puppies go to loving pet homes and we will only sell for breeding or showing under special circumstances. For us to consider selling a puppy for this pupose it must be graded highly by an independent assessor using Pat Hastings' "Puppy Puzzle" methods, and there would need to be a loving, knowledgeable home for them. If you are interested in a puppy for breeding or showing please be prepared for extensive questioning, we will be very particular.

No placements will be decided for show or breeding prospects until at least 8 weeks of age.

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