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Health of Your Ronin Boxer Puppy

Flea Control

Your puppy will have received a Frontline Plus treatment for fleas just before you collect it. Frontline is easy to use, is water fast and lasts for at least two months. It kills fleas in all their growth stages on the dog and in the environment. But you must treat all the dogs and cats in the household.

Your puppy will be due for another Frontline treatment at four months old. Consider using the spot treatment as it is less messy than the spray.

Worm Control

Puppy Worm Tablets Recommended by Ronin Boxers

We've wormed your puppy at two, four, six and eight weeks. You should worm puppy for roundworms at ten and twelve weeks. Then worm monthly until six months old. After six months, follow your vet’s instructions to worm with an “All Wormer” such as Drontal.


Our vet has vaccinated and health-checked your puppy. Further vaccinations are due at nine and twelve weeks. Your puppy will come with a vaccination booklet showing when the next vaccination is due. Bear in mind that the vaccination will not fully protect puppy for the first seven to ten days.

You may want to add to the protection provided by the standard vaccination by covering your puppy for Kennel Cough and Leptospirosis. Your vet will advise you which vaccinations are suitable for your area.

Keep puppy away from public places until fully vaccinated. Parvovirus is fatal to puppies, so it is worth being careful. Parks, footpaths, rivers are all areas where puppies can pick up germs. Even at the vet it pays to carry your puppy so it won’t get germs from the floor.


Check your puppy's ears regularly and clean with a soft cloth of cotton swab dipped in an ear cleaning solution supplied by your vet. Be careful not to push the swab down into the ear canal.


Puppy Worm Tablets Recommended by Ronin Boxers

Symptoms of teething will appear around ten to twelve weeks and may include:

  • Redness and sagging of the eyes,
  • Ears sitting abnormally in a “fly away” pose,
  • Loss of appetite,
  • A slight temperature, and
  • An extra urge to chew.


Don't be surprised if your puppy sleeps a lot, especially in hot weather. Sleeping for long periods is normal for puppies.

Bee stings

Boxer Puppy With a Bee Sting

The Boxer is allergic to bee stings, though often they aren't a big deal. However, it can be scary the first time a bee stings your Boxer. Typical symptoms are: a swollen head, hives or itching. Check inside the mouth and around the face for the barb of the sting and, if possible, remove it.

Watch carefully for swelling in the mouth or throat. If there are any signs of breathing problems, take your puppy to the vet immediately. If you have an adult dog that is showing no more than hives and swelling around the sting site, you can give a child's dose of Claratyne or Phenergan. Similarly a puppy should receive half the child’s dose. If the hives are reluctant to go down, your vet will be able to give your puppy an injection that usually produces quick results.

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