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Books on Structure and Conformation

THE Puppy Puzzle DVD, Erin Rouse and Pat Hastings

At Ronin Boxers all puppy selections are based on Pat Hastings' Puppy Puzzle principles. This DVD is a real eye opener when looking at puppies but also structure in general. The ultimate is to be able to go to her seminars, but this is the next best thing. I heartily recommend this to anyone with a litter coming up, or who just wants a better understanding of structure. This DVD shows you how to detect things that our usual observations of puppies might miss. Buy at

Structure in Action: The Makings of a Durable Dog, by Wendy E Wallace DVM cVA, Erin Rouse and Pat Hastings

This is top of the list of go-to books on structure, it not only disusses faults but explains how they practically affect a dog. STRUCTURE IN ACTION is a must for all who share their active lives with dogs. It is an invaluable reference book for anyone wanting a dog for the high-octane lifestyle, since working and performance dogs need the soundest possible structure. Also, it provides excellent information for breeders, who bear the responsibility for matching the most suitable puppy or dog to a new owner's expectations. With over 400 visuals, this book details the structural strengths to strive for in breeding programs and the structural issues that must be taken into consideration before leading a dog into an active life. Buy at

Tricks of the Trade: From Best Intentions to Best in Show, (Revised Edition), by Pat Hastings and Erin Ann Rouse

In the show ring, judges assess the whole package, which is the sum of effective breeding, evaluating, rearing, teaching, conditioning, nutrition, grooming, care and presentation. Pat Hastings discusses all of these elements in this book and shares a variety of tips and tricks that she has found useful over her long career in the dog world. The revised edition is a significantly enhanced resource, with expanded text, more visuals and all-new illustrations. Buy at

Canine Terminology, by Harold R. Spira

This is beautifully illustrated glossary of ALL terms used in the Breed Standards for purebred dogs worldwide. Terms are clearly defined, with reference to specific breeds where the term is used. Knowing the correct terms for each part of the dog makes discussion much easier, but also enables a more in depth understanding of the structure. Buy at Amazon.

K-9 Structure & Terminology

This step-by-step guide evaluates all phases of dog structure, written for the lay person combines the art and science of dog anatomy thus providing an understanding of how a dog's body works. Buy at Amazon.

Solving the Mysteries of Breed Type by Richard G. Beauchamp

This is the book that will explain the true meaning of the word "type". If you have had a discussion with someone regarding Type vs Style and it left you scatching your head, then this is the book for you. Buy at Amazon.

Boxer Blarney

THE illustrated guide to boxer structure and type, a beautiful book. Buy a copy if you can find it! Out of Print. Buy at Amazon.

The Boxer Blueprint by Daniel A. Buchwald, Jean M. Buckwald and Jean M. Buchwald

Buy a copy if you can find it! Out of Print. Buy at Amazon.

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