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Boxer dumbell retrieve

Ronin Over the Limit CD RAE ET (Imp NZ) (Oliver) heeling at 3 months old with owner Jodie Munting.

Boxers' innate intelligence and desire to please suits them to obedience training. It is a wonderful activity to develop the bond between you and your boxer. Ronin Boxers have great trainability thanks in part to the European Boxers in their heritage. They learn quickly using positive methods such as play training and clicker training which we introduce to our litters at around 4 weeks old. This provides a good base for further training and reduces noise sensitivity.

We are starting to get back into obedience, the first exciting step was when NZ & Aust Ch Ronin Sip of Scotch CGCB (Lola) and Heromiari Faust at Ronin CGCB (Imp Aust) (Ronin) passed their Canine Good Citizen Foundation, and Bronze awards on the same day! In the near future we will be seeing a lot more letters after Ronin Boxers' names aswell as before.

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