Ronin Boxers

The Ronin Boxers - Working Boxers

We are so very proud to have the dogs in "working" homes, be that obedience, agility, rally-o, tracking or any number of activities boxers are great at. These dogs are a huge credit to the time an effort their owners have put in with them.

Field Ch & Aust Ch Ronin Drunken Encounter With Sanlian ADX JDX LCM (Toshi)
Owned By Shaaron Borg. Queensland, Australia

Ronin Armoured Angel RN (AI) (Mercy)
Owned by Melissa Craft. New Zealand

Ronin Over the Limit CD RAE ET (Imp NZ) (Oliver)
Owned by Jodie Munting. Victoria, Australia

Field Ch Ronin Armoured to the Max LCM (AI) (Imp NZ) (Max)
Owned By Shaaron Borg. Queensland, Australia

Petra Stacked 13 months Petra Head
Ronin Plainly Tipsy (Imp NZ to USA) (Petra)
Owned By Rich and Katrina Sun of Soleil Boxers. California, USA.

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